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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Up to 1 in 4 sexually active women suffer from some form of urinary incontinence, and many have to deal with a range of problems relating to vaginal weakening or thinning. enRich is proud to offer Juliet Erbium laser therapy treatment that has been proven to be highly effective for patients with urinary stress incontinence, vaginal atrophy and Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome. enRich’s professional doctors have helped many women of all ages find confidence through vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Women don’t have to suffer in silence; many issues can be repaired or treated with the Juliet with V Spot Erbium: YAG laser; in our opinion, the most sophisticated and most effective Erbium laser on the market.

The Juliet laser is the latest technology in fractional laser systems for gentle, effective vaginal rejuvenation and improving urinary stress incontinence. The special structure of the laser pulse allows penetration deep into the tissue, precisely where it is most required. Due to the electronically-controlled thermal effects of the Erbium laser beam, Juliet laser has fewer side effects and risks compared to other lasers on the market for vaginal rejuvenation, whilst delivering superior, safer results.

Our mission at enRich is to empower women by giving them viable solutions to achieve vaginal health and aesthetic goals, as well as enhance sexual satisfaction by providing comprehensive medical care. With over two decades’ experience performing vaginal procedures, Melbourne-based enRich Clinic has been on the forefront of the emerging field of vaginal rejuvenation.

The Juliet Laser can treat a number of common issues including:


Menopause and hormonal treatments related to conditions like breast cancer, can cause the vaginal lining to become thin and atrophic, and can result in painful intercourse due to dryness and itching. The Juliet Laser rejuvenates the lining of the vagina, resulting in a more hydrated, better quality and thicker lining with improved lubrication and less discomfort. The thin, atrophic mucosa is replaced by more hydrated, thicker and soft mucosa resulting in improved lubrication of the vaginal canal and less pain with intercourse.


Stress Incontinence

Stress Incontinence, the involuntary loss of urine during coughing, sneezing or physical exertion, is the most common form of urinary incontinence in women. After pregnancy and childbirth, and with obesity, menopause and aging, urinary vaginal wall laxity and stress incontinence can occur. The Juliet Laser tightens the vaginal canal and supporting structures around the bladder, reducing urine leakage with physical activity, sneezing or coughing.



Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome is the weakening of vaginal supports (mainly collagen) resulting in laxity, with reduced feelings of friction and sexual satisfaction. Atrophy of the vaginal lining also occurs, causing symptoms of dryness, itch, discomfort and pain. The Juliet with V Spot Erbium laser targets the collagen rich submucosa, stimulating the formation of new, more effective collagen fibres, resulting in improved vaginal support and tightening. This usually results in increased sensation with intercourse (for both you and your partner).


Why have the procedure at enRich?


Using our state-of-the-art laser, our experienced doctors perform vaginal rejuvenation treatments designed to meet the individual needs and expectations of the patient. We take the time to individually counsel and educate patients on what to expect, including benefits and possible risks. We encourage patients to ask questions to ensure they are comfortable before deciding to move forward with any procedure.

Unlike some other clinics where nurses or laser technicians perform the treatment, at enRich you can be assured only our highly qualified doctors will discuss and conduct specialised treatment.

What sets us apart is our experience with the Juliet with V Spot Erbium: YAG laser. The Juliet differs from other contemporary lasers in a number of key ways:

  • The Juliet laser requires fewer treatments than many competitors, averaging one to two, compared to a minimum of four treatments.
  • The ergonomic handpiece facilitates greater comfort and control compared to some bulkier devise on the market.
  • The Juliet’s target-specific laser beam results in more precise treatment and less damage to surrounding areas, making it ideal for delicate tissue such as the vagina.
  • As quick and as pain-free as any laser on the market, the Juliet is scientifically proven to tighten the mucous membrane and treat delicate tissue areas.




Labiaplasty is a day procedure removing excess Labia Minora (smaller interior vaginal lips) or Labia Majora (the broader outer lips). The external labia majora and labia minora can be rejuvenated with the Juliet Laser, plumping up the outer labia and tightening and retracting the inner labia.Dr Rich performs labiaplasty under local anaesthetic. Employing the “Alinsod technique” ensures smooth, functional and aesthetically shaped labia without noticeable scarring.

After the procedure, most women experience slight swelling and discomfort for the first few days post-surgery. We recommend only performing light activities and taking seven to ten days off work.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Clitoral Hood Reduction is a quick and easy vaginoplasty procedure removing excess skin on the lateral sides of the clitoris. A variety of causes may give the clitoris an enlarged or uneven appearance, which can be rectified with a safe and pain-free procedure. The clitoris and nerves are never touched and do not experience loss of sensation.

After the procedure, patients often report they are fit for work within 48 hours. enRich advises patients to take ‘rock salt’ baths to promote healing three days post-operation. Spotting, swelling or discomfort may occur but usually subside by the second week.

Hymenoplasty (Hymen repair)


Hymenoplasty or hymen repair (clinically referred to as hymenorrhaphy) is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure restoring the membrane surrounding and/or covering over the external vaginal opening. The hymen is broken during sexual intercourse. Opting for restoration is common for social, cultural or religious reasons. This gives the patient the appearance of being virginal.


We inform and empower all of our vaginolasty patients

Dr Rich understands patients have a variety of difficult and personal questions about vaginoplasty. You’ll leave your initial consultation with all the relevant information and a complete understanding of vaginal treatments, costs, pre-care, procedures and post-vaginoplasty recovery. Our patients are given the gentlest and most attentive vaginoplasty care in Melbourne.

The team at enRich vaginoplasty Melbourne understand the delicate and intimate nature of these procedures. We provide a personalised post-surgical service to help you recover with a minimum of discomfort or risk.


Common questions answered:

Are these treatments suitable for all women?

Yes, except for pregnant women or women with undiagnosed vaginal bleeding or if they have contracted a urinary or genital tract infection. We require all patients to have undergone a recent Pap smear with normal result.


Do vaginal tightening or vaginal rejuvenation procedures hurt?

Before all treatments, we administer oral analgesics (Panadiene.) We carry out many of our procedures under local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. During laser-based vaginoplasty, many patients report a mild warming sensation.


What happens during a typical vaginoplasty operation?

Our patients are positioned not unlike a Pap smear with a sheet covering the groin area. We examine the vagina with a speculum after we remove the anaesthetic cream before beginning the procedure. These procedures may take 15 to 30 minutes in many cases.


When will I notice aesthetic improvements?

Patients notice cosmetic improvements almost immediately.


When will I notice functional improvements, i.e., reduced incontinence or pain during intercourse?

Vaginal tightening procedures target the collagen rich submucosa of the vagina, forming newer and stronger collagen fibres. Patients feel maximum effectiveness after a month, allowing time for new collagen fibre formation.


NOTE: ‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’


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